The Air Mattress Buying Guide

King Size Air MattressesAir mattress is modern bed that are basically just PVC blow-up pads that are to be filled with air instead of classic materials such as springs. They tend to be on the higher end compared to the classic beds thus earning more user satisfaction. Although many still prefer latex or memory foam beds, air mattresses are cost-effective and portable. People who love to travel or accept guests usually choose these types of bed because they are cheaper yet they still provide much comfort. Many models today also have adjustable comfort levels which even adds up to their already growing appeal to the general public. There are many factors however to consider in buying one. Follow us as we discuss the crucial factors which shall Air Mattress Guide you towards having that air mattress that really supports your lifestyle choice.

Air Mattress Guide – Factor 1: Size

Size perhaps is the first metric that you should consider in buying an air mattress since from different sizes, comes the specific styles, brands, thickness, portability option and other crucial factors. Hence it is strategic to consider the size first before anything else. Air mattresses follow the same sizing chart as what normal bed fixtures would, but it is good to consider which size to pick based on where, when, how and for whom are you planning to use it.

Using It As A Main Bed

There is an increasing trend of people actually utilizing air mattresses as main beds. If you are one of these people, then you are looking for a permanent type with sizes along the King or Queen ones. These air beds do not need to be constantly deflated and they even come in platforms. Some are already raised with actual frames custom made just for them. These types of air beds are a little bit more expensive than the guest-type models but they are way larger than them and you can sleep on them every day. Сhoose your Best Air Mattress for EveryDay Use.

Air Mattresses For GuestsA Hospitable Abode For Guests

When you are intending to reserve it for guests or for those quick sleep-overs, then the best size to choose would be a twin or queen size air mattress. This is a bit smaller than main beds however they can be easily deflated and stored if not in use. Nowadays, it is not hard to find one under the $50 price mark. This air beds that serve as a perfect solution for guest accommodation can even last for a lifetime since you can safely assume that it isn’t every day that you’d have a visitor. Сhoose your Best Air Mattress For Guests.

Hitting The Road

Have you ever planned on sleeping on your SUV one of these days when you suddenly plan to hit the road for unexpected trips and a hotel can’t be seen nearby? There are several sleeping pads that are designed specifically on cars. These air mattresses snug in perfectly into the back seat of your car with stands and supports that are actually shaped to compliment the seats for a perfect fit. If you are planning to do this or if you just want to prepare for the time when you don’t want to pay for those expensive hotel charges, these types of mattresses will suit you best.

Out Camping In The Wilderness?

Due to their prices becoming more affordable through the years, there are twin-sized air beds right now that are even much cheaper than many high-end sleeping bags. These sizes can fit inside your tent and can give you maximum comfort. In the morning, you can easily deflate the fixture and tuck it in as you go along an adventurous camping in the wild. Сhoose your Best Air Mattress For Camping.

Air Mattress Guide – Factor 2: Installment and Portability

Custom-made Frames

As what was foreshadowed earlier, there are air beds that are made for permanent use. They have custom-made frames and stands so that your unit acts as an actual bed and not just an inflatable one. However, you can also choose to buy a stand even if you don’t intend to permanently place it in your room. There are people who really like to have their beds complete with a stand and frame, so if you are that kind of person then you could shop for one as well. There is a wide variety of designs and materials to choose from so you wouldn’t have any problem with looking for a perfect match.

There is however a drawback to this. Air mattresses are meant to be portable. And if you have a stand, even if you deflate your bed, the frame would still occupy space just as how a normal bed would. This can present problems in saving space for many.

Internal Automatic Pumps

Air Mattress GuideThe most popular choice perhaps amongst all types of installation are the internal automatic pumps. These air mattresses cost much relative to the other types however it comes with nifty upgrades. For one, the pump is located inside the bed itself so you would never have to worry on misplacing that pump adaptor. These beds tend to be more portable since it eliminates the need for an external pump. Whenever you are to bring one during your trips, you don’t have to worry at all if you ever forget bringing a pump with you. Also, imagine the hassle and bulk if you have to always secure that adapter. And did we mention that the bed deflates itself in minutes? For the trade-off of paying more, you get to have the benefit of having a smaller luggage and a hassle-free installation.

Also, internal automatic pumps come with adjustment knobs. These knobs or buttons adjust the amount of pressure that the bed can exert, hence giving you the liberty to choose the most comfortable setting. It can be set to either plush, medium or firm depending on your need as of the moment. This is also the reason why these types of air mattresses are the most popular on showrooms.

External Manual Pumps

The most classic type of installation is the external manual pump. Before you can inflate the whole thing, you would need to exert some effort and perhaps sacrifice some sweat. A little exercise after all awards you with a soft bed. But really, the main advantage of these types of beds is that they cost significantly lesser than those higher end watch-while-it-inflates-and-deflates type of mattresses. The trade-off however, is that you would need to bring with you a pump if you are to make it a constant companion in your trips. Losing the pump, exerting much more effort, and the little hassle are the things that you have to pay for the lesser monetary cost of the model. This is the main reason why external manual or even automatic pumps are getting lesser attention today.

Air Mattress Guide – Factor 3: Thicknes

Low Profile

Low profile beds are those that are classically thinner than raised-type fixtures. They are a popular choice among backpack travelers who prefer to use air mattresses as camp beddings. While they may not be the perfect choice for homes who would use the beds for guests, they are popular among hobbyists because they are portable and can be easily rolled up for the next trip.


Raised air mattresses are those that are just like your average beds. They are way thicker and are preferred for home use. One can purchase a stand or some extra beddings with it to give their guests a wonderful night. However, the down-side of this type is that they take much space compared to the low profile ones, hence offering lesser portability but more comfort.

Air Mattress Guide – Factor 4: Bedding Material

There are some high-end air mattresses nowadays that actually have a latex or thin memory foam bedding on top. These provide more ease than the classic ones. Pick a bed that is comfortable to your touch. Feel the bedding material with your hands for a few seconds and observe if it has a good heat retention. Some bedding materials are too warm while some do not retain much heat, lessening the level of comfort that the user feels. Hence it is important to really touch and feel the bedding material for at least a few minutes to test the actual heat dissipation rate of the pad.

Air Mattress Guide – Factor 5: Public Trust and Warranties

Without any hesitation, demand a warranty from the dealer or manufacturer. Models which have a higher or better warranty policy are often a sign of the manufacturer being confident about their product. As a rule of the thumb, stay away from offers that do not have any warranties and trust those which are given good reviews by people.

Air Mattress Guide: Final Recommendations and Thoughts

If you haven’t noticed it by now, we didn’t tell you that a certain type of air mattress is better than the other. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages, and that’s what you should be taking note of. There’s no one-size-fits-all type of bed that can solve every specific problem. Factors which may be important for one, may not be as crucial for you. What you need to know therefore before buying an air bed is what you actually need it for. If you intend to use it outdoor, then pick a small and portable one with a pump that does not require any electrical source. If you have a source such as your car batteries, then by all means pick an automatic one. If you are to use it at home, you may want to pick a larger bed.

However, if you intend to deflate it from time to time, a smaller low profile model may be better than the largest and most flamboyant ones that have a stand. As a conclusion, it all boils down to your needs and what you actually prefer. We hope that this Air Mattress Guide have made you understand the different factors better than what you have known before and we wish you all the best in your hunt for the most suitable air mattress. Ready to choose your Best Air Mattres, read our top 20 air mattress reviews.