SuperbAir Inflatable Bed







  • SuperbAir is nineteen inches high
  • Ergonomic I-Beam inner construction
  • High-quality bag included


  • Sutures are not reliable
  • The baffles is not durable and create giant bubbles

Getting a wonderful night sleep is vital for your health and for how you feel during the day. Whether you’re at home or away on a trip, a wonderful night’s sleep should not be elusive. A fantastic air bed will give you and your guests a pleasant sleeping experience. For a model which is user-friendly and very comfortable, customers will love the SuperbAir Inflatable Bed.

Functional Versatility of SuperbAir Inflatable Bed

This SuperbAir Inflatable Bed is the ideal choice for you and your family. The air mattress is purely designed to fit all your portability and transportation needs. So if you’re a common traveler or love going out, this could be a favorable item to have. Also, it gives overnight visitors the convenience of a conventional bed with the flexibility of an air bed. Use this air bed for your TV room or your bedroom and even on your camping trips. This air bed provides quality, durability and long-lasting functionality.

SuperbAir Inflatable BedDesign of SuperbAir Inflatable Bed

This SuperbAir Inflatable Bed is available in twin, queen and king sizes. The air mattress is manufactured with K80-PVC which is among the sturdiest yet softest type of fabric in the industry. This bed completely inflates rapidly, going from flat to fab within two minutes. A remote inflation device provides personal firmness control at the same time. The bed also deflates quickly through a rapid-release air valve. The SuperbAir Inflatable Bed is lined with a super-comfortable velvet sleep surface also manufactured from K80 PVC. Also, a sturdy nylon carry/storage bag is provided with the air bed.

Easy use of SuperbAir Inflatable Bed

You really do not need any complex pumps to work out or extra frames to put together. This air mattress comes with a built-in pump that is hooked up to a control that has 2 options—inflate and deflate. It’s that simple.

Though this SuperbAir Inflatable Bed will inflate in as little as two minutes, you’ll have to keep the button pushed down until you reach the preferred level of firmness. Deflating is carried out in exactly the same manner and when it is fully flat. This air bed may be rolled up and stored in the bag supplied so you will not have to cope with an unsightly looking deflated air bed in your basement or garage.

SuperbAir Inflatable BedSuperbAir Inflatable Bed Maintenance

The SuperbAir Inflatable Bed requires less maintenance than other air mattresses. The surface area of the bed is finished in a velvet sort of polyester that adds to the comfort and can simply be washed down with a damp cloth and light detergent.


All in all, if you are searching for an air mattress that can be utilized for a number of reasons like camping, accommodating guests or simply so you have something comfortable to sleep on when you are visiting friends, this SuperbAir Inflatable Bed is well priced and will last if looked after appropriately.


  • SuperbAir collection is 19 inches high
  • Inflates in less than 2 minutes
  • Ultra-comfortable velvet sleep surface
  • Ergonomic I-Beam internal construction
  • Remote inflation unit for personal firmness control
  • Not for camping environment
Brand: CSA
Manufacturer: CSA
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